St Lazarus
St Lazarus . Hidden historic secrets

Behind the St. Paul’s ruins you find the quietly captivating neighborhood of São Lázaro. Once a refuge for lepers, it is now slowly infused with the creative energy of a new generation. Artistic galleries and trendy coffee shops pop up next to century old shoemakers and vintage ice cream parlors. Explore the narrow alleyways, cobblestoned squares and pastel-colored facades and be inspired by the wonderfully unique combination of Portuguese elegance and Chinese entrepreneurship.  

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Places to stay

Pousada de Mong Ha . Macau
Historic and friendly hotel school
Colina de Mong Ha
Mandarin Oriental . Macau
Contemporary, elegant retreat
Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen, NAPE
5footway.inn . Macau
Boutique meets budget
Project Ponte 16, No.8 Rua de Constantino Brito Macau
Pousada de Sao Tiago . Macau
Charming, exclusive old fortress
Avenida da República
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