City Walks

Discover Asia’s historic districts through the lens of locals.

A collection of carefully curated self-guided city walks, created by locals who handpick sites and craft them into easily navigated routes. They know the places that are worth a detour. Not just the temples and monuments, but also popular cafes, local hangouts and lesser-known sites. Take your pick from our different types of walks​—text, photo, audio and video—or explore a neighbourhood with its dedicated illustrated map, an artistic ode to the spirit of place.

Learn as you walk, support local businesses, communicate with cultural confidence, and explore like a true local.

  • China
    Mysterious middle kingdom with hyper skyscraper cities
  • India
    Humble jumble of dazzling colours and rich spicy flavours
  • Indonesia
    Tropical kaleidoscope with a thousand shades of green
  • Malaysia
    A mekka of multicultural heritage towns
  • Myanmar
    A charismatic and charming destination where time stood still
  • Philippines
    Hot, happy and holy country with a sumptuous street food scene
  • Sri Lanka
    The island of serendipity with dreamy historic towns
  • Thailand
    Proud, prosperous, fiercely independent and lots of fun
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