Sri Lanka City Walks

The island of serendipity is spectacular. Its lush cinnamon and tea plantations, white sandy beaches and authentic culture make it a desirable destination. But it’s still easy to escape the crowds and venture out on the road less travelled. The fort cities dotted along the stunning coastline hold little-known surprises; picturesque streets and historic buildings that carry the stories of merchants, missionaries and adventurers.
  • Matara (6 walks)
    A place of lives, loves, and livelihoods, hidden within a foregone elephant trade
  • Colombo (5 walks)
    Commercial capital packed with chaos, charm and a vivacious community
  • Galle (3 walks)
    Glorious fort seeping with history, heritage and dreamy colonial mystery
  • Trincomalee (3 walks)
    Divinity, community and festivity merge in a limitless seascape
  • Jaffna (1 walks)
    Exciting, intriguing and humble; a bastion of Hindu art and creative culture
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