China City Walks

China, the mysterious Middle Kingdom. A county of vast landscapes and temple-topped mountains. Experience the juxtaposition between ancient civilisation and hyper modern city life in the Pearl River Delta. The world’s most dense metropolitan area offers a feast for the senses. Embrace the smells and sounds of city life at its most intense. PS - Now that China is open again for travellers, it makes us want to go there even more…
  • Hong Kong (20 walks)
    Boisterous East-meets-West urban jungle, shaped by humble craftsmanship and Chinese traditions, crowned with an iconic skyline
  • Macau (5 walks)
    A historic city of Sino-Portuguese charm, pastel-coloured heritage architecture and bold fusion cuisine
  • Guangzhou (3 walks)
    This pearl in the river delta is a dense city with an old soul, a fresh spirit and unexpected colonial charm
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