About Us

iDiscover is an inclusive method to map historic neighbourhoods and a digital platform for locals to share their favourite places, memories and itineraries.

iDiscover is a platform where NGOs, community groups and urban wanderers can publish maps that emphasize the richness of local heritage, culture and community and celebrate authenticity in the city. These neighbourhood maps with local’s favourite places are great tools to:

increase economic opportunities, especially for off-the-beaten-track historic districts and traditional businesses
make locals more proud of their culture and heritage and make them involved and invested in their neighbourhood
communicate the value of living heritage to developers and government agencies and stimulate responsible tourism
Authenticity /ɔːθɛnˈtɪsɪti/
— - noun, the quality of being real or true

The iDiscover method

In many historic districts, family-run businesses and long-time residents are struggling to survive, while at the same time, travellers are looking for an authentic experience. So, why not tap into locals' insider knowledge to find these special places and put them on a map? iDiscover packages community intelligence into handcrafted neighbourhood walking itineraries for the most curious of travellers.

iDiscover maps and story walks take travellers far beyond the beaten path, through little-known backstreets and to unsung neighbourhoods. A venture to find the hidden gems in the urban jungle through the eyes of people who call the city home.

The maps serve another purpose, too. They help to amplify the voice of the local community, often the marginalised groups. iDiscover provides an inclusive, bottom-up process to map places that matter. The maps become a local depository of places in need of some more love and attention, a persuasive tool for a community to gain agency in the shaping of their urban future.

Our Mission

The historic streetscape of Asian cities is vanishing before our eyes. Entire neighbourhoods and streets are being bulldozed to make way for skyscrapers. With the buildings, the stories and the memories of a place also disappear. Our mission is to help locals preserve and celebrate their heritage... before it’s too late.

iDiscover really underscores the importance of community and preservation of characteristics that make a city special.
— Elizabeth Bosher, Chair Project Chambers, Hong Kong

There are five C’s in UNESCO’s World Heritage convention: credibility, conservation, capacity building, community and communication. The last two are the most important and iDiscover does exactly that.
— Professor Neel, Ahmedabad University, India

Our Philosophy

We Love Old Neighbourhoods.

where the spirit of the city is most alive.

We Treasure Authenticity.

it is what makes these places unique.

We Strive to Keep Heritage Alive.

we bring explorers to lesser-known sites and family-run businesses.

We Believe in Responsible Travel.

we connect visitors with urban communities.

What iDiscover is doing is like making an archive of Hong Kong history – through the eyes of locals.
— Amy Tse, Social Worker Caritas, Hong Kong
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