Indonesia City Walks

A tropical kaleidoscope with a thousand shades of green. On Bali, Sumatra and Java, the many small villages nestled in the lush paddy fields offer deep cultural experiences. Indonesian cities are as dynamic as they are daunting, with the best street food and cool cafes often found in the historic neighbourhoods between skyscrapers and megamalls.
  • Bali (3 walks)
    A deeply spiritual place nestled amid an abundance of verdant green, where nature and culture seamlessly intertwine
  • Jakarta (3 walks)
    Hectic capital city where historic neighbourhoods and small kampungs hold lots of hidden gems
  • Yogyakarta (2 walks)
    Ancient royal stronghold, steeped in traditions, rich in rituals and infused with a contagious artistic energy
  • Bandung (1 walks)
    Charming colonial hill station town, a 1920s laboratory of tropical Art Deco design and architecture
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