Clients & Partners

Our Clients & Partners

NGO's & Community Organisations

Since 2015 we have worked with over 200 NGOs, community organisations and residents in more than 80 districts across Asia and connected them to a digital audience of nearly half a million users across Southeast Asia. We amplify their voice, help them to map what matters in their city and create beautiful maps, insightful stories and inclusive events to help them get their message across. Some sample projects are mapping cultural diversity with an NGO in Yangon, a resident-led mapping project for placemaking in Hong Kong and mapping the artist community in Bangkok's creative district.

Some of the over 200 NGO's we worked with in 80 historic districts around Southeast Asia. We helped these organisations to map what matters to them and amplify their voices.
iDiscover encourages visitors to make their own stories and tread their own path. This connects them directly with the actual residents.
— Channa Daswatte, Chairman Galle Heritage

Schools & Universities

We run mapping projects for schools and universities. Exciting learning outside of the classroom exercises, these projects fuel independent inquiry and also provide an opportunity for students to develop real-life digital content creation skills such as photography, film, and creative writing. We have even hosted dedicated field schools in heritage cities that make for an immersive cultural learning experience fostering camaraderie, creativity, and compassion. Examples are a summer internship programme in Hong Kong, a field school in Yangon, Myanmar, an IB school project in Sai Kung and an immersive extracurricular mapping project for youth in Sri Lanka.

We have collaborated with schools and universities throughout Southeast Asia for interdisciplinary educational programs, out-of-the-classroom learning trajectories and summer camps.

The point of iDiscover is to invest in the understanding of local culture and history, because then young people take ownership of it.
— Mr Saleem, HK Academy teacher

International Agencies & Cultural Organisations

We also frequently partner with international agencies, embassies and cultural organisations for dedicated community mapping projects. We can help to create maps to advocate for different agendas in old city neighbourhoods, like walkability, public safety, social integration, cultural tourism and responsible travel. Some sample projects include mapping for reconciliation in Fort cities in Sri Lanka, and mapping the community voice in the UNESCO-listed heritage city of Ahmedabad in India.

Our institutional clients include UNESCO, British Council, GIZ, Hong Kong Kong Jockey Club, Lord Wilson Trust and the Prince Claus Fund.

The mapping exercise provided key valuable input for the next steps in city planning and branding of this heritage town.
— Mr. Narong Pattamasaevi, president of Niyom Pattamasaevi Foundation, Lampang Thailand

Property Developers & Local Governments

iDiscover works with some of the leading developers and local governments in the region to pursue an inclusive approach to place branding and place making of historic districts.

Finally, we work with property developers, local governments, travel promoters, city planners and place-makers that look for an inclusive approach to place branding. We help them to unlock community knowledge to leverage the character and history of the place. iDiscover helps them to work with residents and business owners to create a shift in place value of older urban districts, generate foot traffic and drive targeted consumer spending. Examples are the Travel Good campaign with Cathay Pacific, a designed map for TCDC's promotion of Chiang Mai Creative District and a Wanchai street culture map for the URA in Hong Kong.

Some 100 years ago, Lee Hysan put Causeway Bay on the path to becoming one of the world’s busiest retail and commercial hubs. This is our way to treasure that legacy.
— Mark Tung, Executive Director Lee Gardens Association

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