iShop Bang Rak Market

The neighbourhood’s only fresh market

A market then, a market now

Bang Rak Market is over a century old, built in the 1800s during the reign of King Rama IV. Today, locals still go there to get their kitchen needs. The wet market selling fresh meat and produce is only open until midday so most locals rush to pick up their groceries early morning before it closes.

Breakfast spot

Bangkokians eat anything for breakfast and most pick it up on the way to work at markets. Bang Rak’s courtyard area serves as a breakfast spot for locals with vendors selling popular dishes as noodles, congee and fish maw soup.

Morning alms

Should you wake up early enough to go to Bang Rak Market, you will see monks from the neighbouring temple making their rounds with their alms bowls around the market. This tradition goes back a long way. Temple monks traditionally rely on the kindness of community members for sustenance and in return they provide blessings.

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