iSurprise Bangkok Protestant Cemetery

The burial place of Bangkok's famous western figures

A resting place for a minority

Thailand’s state religion is Buddhism but Bangkok’s religious demographic is still quite diverse. Even back in mid 1800s, there was a group of Protestants living in the capital. Needing their own burial place, the Christians were granted land by King Rama IV to remember their dead. Many western expatriates are buried there today, including Dr. Dan Beach Bradley. He is fondly remembered by Thais for his extraordinary contributions to the country, including bringing the printing press, making the country’s first surgery, and nurturing a better education system.

Jewish graves

Carefully go through the burial lots and notice that some graves belong to Jews. This strange find points to an act of kindness between Christians and Jews after the cemetery started. The Jews of Bangkok had no place for their dead and requested that the cemetery accept their loved ones. This was approved and is now a symbol of cross-religion mutual understanding.

Cause of death and nicknames

The cemetery is a somber place but a thorough read of the many headstones can trigger one’s imagination and emotions. It was customary that the lives of those buried there were described on the headstones. These include a variety of achievements, cause of deaths, and nicknames that give you a peek into past lives for just a moment.

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