iDrink Haroon Community Coffee Shop

Meeting point for Haroon Community

Community reception

The Haroon Muslim neighbourhood is a maze of small alleyways. This coffee shop has become the community’s network centre . Anyone can walk in and ask how to get in touch with a certain person or house. The owner will make sure they get the message.

Local favourite tea mix

Try the Indian tea brewed with Ceylon tea! The shop owner gets Tata Tea, a brand rarely found in other restaurants or cafes, from Gold Spices and mixes it with Ceylon tea to create a refreshing taste. Every morning, locals gather at the shop for their daily tea fix and conversations.

From aunt to niece

The current owner Azza grew up in Haroon community. At the time, the coffee shop belonged to her aunt. Since she was 14, she remembers helping out with the business. After a time, she left to work outside of the area. But after having a child, she decided to return to raise her family within the community and inherit the coffee shop from her aunt.

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