iSee Haroon Masjid

One of the most important mosques in town

Jumu'ah and Friday food market

Jumu’ah, or Friday Prayer, brings the entire community together. Haroon residents have turned the occasion into a morning food market with home-cooked foods brought out of kitchens into the narrow alleyways of Haroon. Muslims from around the capital travel just to be part of this Friday tradition.

Hidden original façade

The mosque’s front gate and second floor balcony belies the building’s beauty. Look past it and see the original design’s old charm with shuttered windows, carved pediments and floral motifs that were popular at the time of its construction.

Small mosque, mighty presence

Haroon mosque’s importance is seen throughout history and up until today. Through the diverse ancestry of many members, Haroon’s name has reached the ears of many in various family homelands and brings tourists to see it. Malays and Indonesians in particular make time to visit.

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