iShop Hiab Ji Tung Drug Store

Traditional Chinese medicine store from WWII with diagnostic and pharmaceutical services

Last ones standing

Traditional Chinese medicine practices are dwindling in Bangkok. Once prevalent from Yaowarat Chinatown to Bang Rak, these clinics are getting harder to find. Hiab Ji Tung is still standing and even provides diagnostics via pulse and tongue symptoms. Prescribed ingredients for medicine are then pulled from the many wooden drawers lining the wall and weighed using an old scale. The old ways are well preserved here.

100 years of service

Hiab Ji Tung has been treating community members for over 100 years, since the World War eras. With a large proportion of Chinese immigrants in Bang Rak, the clinic has stayed in business up until today.

Save the animals

Originally, Hiab Ji Tung carried a wide variety of animal ingredients that were considered effective in treating several ailments. However, as global wildlife conservation awareness rose and the threat of extinction through commercializing animal parts became clear, these animal ingredients were slowly removed from the market. Long gone are the days when they would prescribe turtle shells, bear bile, and other wildlife parts.

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