iEat Jok Prince

Famous congee shop named after cinema

Shophouse establishment

60 years ago, this congee restaurant started off as a mobile food stall. The proprietors of the nearby Prince Theatre noticed that the congee was popular amongst moviegoers and invited them to set up a permanent stand in the theatre’s alleyway. The family not only took up the invitation but also adopted the theatre’s name.

Originally for night owls

The stall dates back to the days when Charoenkrung Road was a popular nightlife spot, they only served during wee hours. Once its reputation started rising, it expanded opening hours.

Cantonese origin, smoky flavor

Jok Prince’s congee style is decidedly Cantonese. The consistency, ingredients, and base flavours point to recipes from Hong Kong. Jok Prince’s signature smoky flavour happened by accident was a hit but among its patrons.

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