iEat Kamou Tokzung

Bangkok’s most famous braised pork leg restaurant in its original location

Original store

Kamou Tokzung’s success has led to it spreading its wings and opening other locations around Bangkok. But once any restaurant turns into a chain brand, patrons often try their best to go to the original location in hopes of tasting the original flavor of their favorite dishes. For Kamou Tokzung, diners flock to Bang Rak where their beloved braised pork leg restaurant was born and is still located in the same corner shophouse that it was founded in 40 years ago.

A recipe unchanged

Residents of Bang Rak are proud of Kamou Tokzung for their dedication to keeping the taste. Many testify that the flavors have remained unchanged since their first meal there and recommend the place with much conviction.

Trotters to tout

The people at Kamou Tokzung recommend visitors to try two things: their braised pig’s trotter and crispy pork. The meat, skin, and fat of the trotter is a melt-in-your-mouth experience while the crispy pork crunches with each bite.

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