iDrink Mong Wo

A local herbal tea shop carrying on unchanged Chinese herbal tea heritage

Since World War II

A little before WWII in 1936, Samart Saengthirapitikun’s family started their herbal tea shop that doubled as a convenient store for local Chinese. Over the years, their list of beverages increased and now boasts a wide range of ingredients, including okra, centella asiatica, chrysanthemum, and more.

12 drinks for 12 ailments

Unsure what to drink? Look at the vertical banner displayed in front of the store. Under each drink is the ailment it would be prescribed for.

Popular amongst all ages

Herbal tea shops are often associated with past generations. It is assumed that only the elderly believe in their effectiveness and health benefits. Mong Wo proves that wrong. Customers of all ages still stop by for a quick drink in hopes of improving their health.

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