iSee Old Customs House

Gateway to old Bangkok

Gateway to Siam

The Customs House was the gateway to old Bangkok. Designed by an Italian architect and built right at the waterfront it received trade ships and served as the headquarters for the Marine Police Division. In those days it was one of Bangkok’s most notable venues for grand balls and formal receptions. The historical building is now being renovated and will reopen as a luxurious hotel in 2025.

Popular film location

The Customs House’s quiet location, elegant decay, soft colour, and disuse make it an ideal location for wedding and graduation photoshoots. The building has been a backdrop for many foreign films, most notably in Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love.

The Haroons

Before the Custom House, the mosque of the Haroon community was here. During the reign of King Rama V, a land swap was negotiated for the customs house to be built. Haroon Mosque was moved into its place further inland. Many Haroon community members still reminisce of a time when they played as children around the grand mosque.

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