iEat Prachak

A southern Chinese roasted duck eatery run by the same family over a century

Imported recipe

In the 1878, a Cantonese man named Choy Kaung hailing from Guangzhou immigrated to Bangkok. His original trade was in noodle dishes. In 1909, he decided to open a siu mei (燒味) styled shop: a stall that specialized in meats roasted on spits over high heat. His own flavoring sauce combined with the deep barbeque flavor was the foundation upon which the restaurant built a stellar reputation for the best roasted duck in the capital.

Branding pivot

When the restaurant first started, it was simply called “new store” in Chinese. During the 20s, a Thai man named Prachak married into the family and started helping run the eatery. Understanding that titles matter in marketing, he renamed the restaurant after himself. That helped Thai speakers spread the word on its dishes and location when Prachak started catering for high society.

Into the fourth generation

Prachak has been in hands of the original family for over 100 years. Prachak himself managed the business until the late 90s. Today, it has been passed down to the fourth generation. One look at the long queue during meal times and one can see that business has not waned one bit.

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