iSurprise Saphan Taksin Public Park

A breathing space for locals

Rare open space to run free

Bangkok is not known to be a green city. In fact, it has one of the lowest green space per capita in the region. When locals want to get away from concrete buildings for a brief respite, this park is their chosen location. For the children, it is their playground where they can play tag or ball games.

Mass cardio class

Right before sunset, you might hear upbeat music and an encouraging instructive voice telling people to keep moving. Across Bangkok, free public aerobics classes are held regularly on any available public space. It is no different in this Bang Rak park. Classes are open to anyone, so simply put on your workout gear and join.

Without the park, the children would have no alternative and play in the streets.
— Baan Ou community resident

Fishing by the river

This park is located next to the main river pier for public boats and Sathorn canal, which runs into the city. A stroll down the path along the canal reveals a popular but rarely-seen activity. Whether for leisure or for a meal, many residents come to fish at the spot where the canal meets the river.

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