iShop Tai Sae

A local Chinese convenient store still providing for needs of immediate neighbours

Boat beginnings

The current shop owner is in his golden years. As he can recall, his parents moved to Bang Rak almost 100 years ago. Like the other Chinese immigrants, they came by boat and worked as merchants for a living.

People do their routines around here. We have a lot of new stores in the area but I am just selling these same old things like in the past for the people who still need them.
— Owner of Tai Sae

As it once was

Tai Sae started as a grocery store providing the necessary goods to local Chinese populations. It is a very classic Bangkok neighbourhood mom-and-pop shophouse store. It has remained unchanged since it started, according to the owner. On the inside, the store looks frozen in time. Original cupboards, shelves, and stools all still intact.

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