iSee Wat Muang Khae

Old Thai temple at the Chao Phraya River

Hint of age

No one can confirm how old Wat Muang Khae truly is, but it dates back to the period when rivers and canals were the main ways of transportation. Some estimate as far back as the Thonburi era around mid to late 1700s.

Temple schools

Thai temples were and still are centers of learning. In the past, monks taught Thai people in exchange for alms and support from the community. Eventually, that morphed into schools located at the temple. At Wat Muang Khae the number of children in the neighbourhood is decreasing and now only a small kindergarten is left.

Hidden chedi

Chedis are Thai Buddhist stupas, a hemispherical structure that is contains important relics, such as remains of monks or nuns. At the western end of the temple’s parking lot is a row of wooden houses with a chedi sticking out.

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