iSee Wat Suan Phlu

Community temple and immigrant education centre

Open for all

This ancient and ornate temple from the Ayutthaya period was one of the first temples in Bangkok to allow ordinary people to visit. At a time when temple grounds were sacred places only for prayer, this was a progressive move.

Award-winning monks quarters

The wooden red and white monks’ quarters are built in a unique gingerbread style. So special that in 2002, the Association of Siamese Architects awarded Wat Suan Phlu for excellence in conservation.

This temple is very beautiful, especially at night when the temple lights come on.
— Temple student

What’s in a name?

Suan Phlu means betel plantation. The temple was named after the popular crop planted by Chinese immigrants who believed that chewing its leaves made the teeth strong and they also used it for facial beauty.

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