iDrink Yan Wo Yun

A local herbal tea shop serving drinks for ailments and selling groceries

Chinese grocery store

Before Yan Wo Yun became known for its herbal teas and bitter drinks, the store sold mostly groceries to the Chinese community around it. Despite its current success coming from its menu of drinks, Yan Wo Yun continues to sell Chinese dried meats and sauces for home cooking.

Soy sauce success

There is one marked divide between Thai and Chinese cooking. Thais prefer fish sauce while the Chinese rely heavily on soy sauce. When Yan Wo Yun started, it tried to sell fish sauce but to no avail as its customer base was mostly Chinese. It came to rely on sales of soy sauce instead. One particular brand called Yan Wo Yun was very popular and soon the store took on that name to build an association.

30 ingredients

Yan Wo Yun carries its own version of twenty-four flavors tea, a Cantonese bitter herbal tea drunk for medicinal purposes. This store uses 30 ingredients to produce the mixture that is sure to give one a good kick in energy.

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