iSurprise No. 15 Parrawa Street

House in a small street named after Parrawa fisherman and traders from South India

This original late Dutch property has passed through four generations and features a unique antique collection.

The house

The house was built in 1810 by Anna Maria Magnus and was passed on to Nape Rangegodage Gabriel de Silva in 1910. Currently, the 4th generation of the family lives on the premises. The large hooks on the wall of the entrance room suggest it was initially used as both a stable and a residence. The arched veranda, thick brick and limestone walls with a sand layer in between, and a timber roof structure covered with half-round clay tiles (half-round tiles and Calicut tiles in the middle) are all typical features of the Dutch style. The house also boasts a double front door, sash windows with outward swinging wooden shutters and an open central courtyard.

Drawings by

J.D.A. Fernando, P. Rajaseelan, A.R.P.G.T. Dasunika, K.M.H. Dulanjali, W.A. Imesh, K.A.S.G. Perera, K.K.P.R. Vinya, M.D. Sanuthmi

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