iSurprise No. 28 Middle Street

One of the oldest houses in Galle Fort

Built in the Portuguese Period, this house is known to be one of the oldest in Galle Fort.

The house

This prestigious property was used as a house for the leaders of both the Dutch and the Portuguese. Later, it was used as the New Mansion Hotel and as a department store by Bogaar and Ephraum families. It then passed through another Fort family, the Macan Markars, to the current owners. Up until today, it is used as a residential building. It is about one-third of the size of the original house; the property was split for practical reasons. The long hall was separated into two rooms, two new bathrooms were added, and a partition wall was added in the courtyard.

Drawings by

A.A.H.P. Wijesundara, Y. Anputhasan, D.G.N.Y. Dissanayaka, M.D.C.H. Goonetilleke, E.I. Kappagoda, S. Peraisoody, A.H. Swarnadhipathi, A.K.G.T.D. Wijerathna

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