iSurprise No. 4 Small Cross Street

House in the heart of Galle Fort’s Muslim microcosm

This was one of the first Muslim-owned houses inside Galle Dutch Fort.

The house

The house, designed in the early British Period, is among the first Muslim-owned properties inside Galle Dutch Fort. Although it was recently renovated, its layout with an open courtyard was kept intact. The 75-year-old kitchen and the room in front of the house are also still original. The veranda used to be arched but has been redone into a square shape.

Drawings by

D.P.M.M. Dissanayaka., M.G.A.A.N.A.T Athapaththu, P.D.G.N., Gunarathna, K.D.C.S. Arunarathna, R.R.M.S.I Rathnayake, K.M. Thathsara, P.H.S. Wishmi, M. Sathgunaraja

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