iSurprise No. 5 Church Cross Street

Dutch-period property on a quiet side street

The present owners renovated this house as a villa, uncovering the original granite and terracotta floors.

The house

The front part of this building was built in the Dutch Period, with rear parts added in the British and post-independent periods. The current owner turned the house into a villa. In the process, they uncovered its original granite and terracotta floors and kept the original wooden doors and windows. To allow for bedrooms with en-suites, they changed the layout and added louvre doors. They converted the old garage area into a kitchen and transformed the old kitchen, in turn, into a room. They also built an attic atop the garage to create additional space.

Drawings by

D.A.S De Silva., E.M.U.K. Ekanayaka, K.A.D.B. Manudam, W.W.S.Rajapaksha, G.R.S.D., Senevirathna, V.S. Weerasooriya, B.D.R. Thathsarani, G.D.G.I.D. Udayakumara

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