iSurprise No. 69 Church Street

Unique Art Deco property in a quiet corner of Church Street

This is one of the few Art Deco-influenced properties in the Fort.

The house

This building is one of only three Art Deco-influenced properties in the Fort. It was built in the post-independence era; historical records show that in the Dutch era, there used to be a clubhouse here, and in the British Period, the premises were used as horse stables. The family who owns the property renovated it some 30 years back; they built several walls to create more rooms, bordered the open courtyard with a half wall and added a new bathroom and pantry. All of the doors and windows are still the original ones.

Drawings by

F.A. Rumie, M.B.R.C. Balagalla, D.W.J.A. Dissanayaka, V. Harish, L.U.A.H.N. Lansakara, M.A.P.P.B. Perera, U.H.M.L.D.B. Udagedara, A.L.M.W.S.A Yaasir

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