iSurprise Bhadra Kali Temple

Hindu temple amidst an Islamic hub, home to the goddess of the city.

The Bhadrakali temple in the Bhadra fort has been witness to the changing history of the city, The goddess Bhadrakali has always blessed the people of Ahmedabad and beyond. The history of Ahmedabad is incomplete without the mention of our goddess.
— head priest at Bhadrakali Temple.

Witness to a glorious history

The Bhadrakali Temple gave in Bhadra Fort its name. Bhadrakali has been witness to the changing history of the city. Built in medieval times, the temple survived through the Sultanate reign, Mughal reign, Maratha Empire, British rule and modern India.

Patron goddess of the city

When Sultan Ahmed Shah established the city of Ahmedabad, he built the first citadel of Bhadra Fort next to the Bhadrakali temple. The goddess is the patron saint of the city, and has looked over its citizens during times of prosperity and distress.

All faiths and religions

Bhadrakali is not just another temple. On auspicious days, politicians, ministers and heads of state visit. It’s been like that for centuries and will be for many centuries to come. Irrespective of their caste and religion, great rulers, saints and leaders have bowed their heads before the idol of Ma Bhadrakali.

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