iSurprise CNI Church

The oldest surviving church in the city

Oldest surviving church in the city

The church is an unmissable landmark. In a city of temples and mosques, it stands out in the crowd, the tower a prominent backdrop to the busy Sunday morning Gujri market that spills over from the river’s edge onto the main road. Officially known as the Church of North India (CNI) it has been an important place of spirituality for the local Anglican community since 1901.

Christian missions

CNI has played a big part in India’s history, particularly in colonial cities like Calcutta and Mumbai. There they founded some of the oldest and most well-respected educational institutions in the country. During British rule, both Catholics and Protestants both had their churches and missions in Ahmedabad, yet in conservative Gujarat they didn’t rise to such prominence as the coastal cities.

Iconic architecture

The simple cross-shaped red-brick building is adorned with large gothic windows and has a large round rose window on its front face. The IP Mission School too has similar gothic arched windows, gracefully combined with carved wooden details – a more local influence.

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