iSurprise Kansara ni Pol

Neighborhood of metalsmiths and brass beaters

This pol was once alive with the sounds and reverberations of beaten metal. Copper, bronze and brass were shaped by the most creative community, the Kansaras. I am proud to be a descendant of such a community!
— Hemaben Kansara, local resident

Home of the metalworkers

Kansara ni Pol was always the home of metalsmiths, copper and brass workers. They crafted utensils and household items and sold them at the nearby Kansara Bazaar. The craft and workmanship has been passed down through several generations. “You will see the difference between a hand beaten utensil and one that is made in a factory. Kansara’s have been given the divine craft and wisdom to create beautiful objects from metals!” says Hemaben Kansara, wife of a metalsmith.

Ancestral wisdom and skill

A few original local families still live here. Their ancestral properties go back over 250 years! Spot their houses by the handmade idols of Kalika Mata, the divine goddess of the community.

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