iDrink Lucky Tea Stall

Chai and more…open till past midnight!

You can roam the whole world, and yet not find a tea stall such as Lucky- where you dine amongst the dead, overlooked by a priceless piece of art and service at lighting speed! This can only exist in Ahmedabad.
— Rafiqbhai, long-time patron of Lucky’ Tea

Happy go lucky

You’re lucky if you can find a spot to have a cup of tea at Lucky Tea stall during rush hour....but it’s worth the wait. This peculiar tea shop is loved not only for its chai and sticky-sweet muska bun (which is a must try) but also for its setting amongst myriad scattered graves. What makes Lucky more extraordinary is the presence of an original painting by MF Hussain, displayed proudly on the shop wall.

Humble beginnings

What started as a small handcart under the shade of a tree hidden behind Islamic tombs, has grown into an iconic tea shop. A popular place for daily conversations and connections, this is where people from all walks of life, locals, celebrities, artists and foreign tourists stop by for a cup of chai, or a slice of muska-bun. Do try the lemon tea too!

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