iSee Sidi Saiyad Mosque

Elegant prayer house with the famous tree of life

  • Bhadra Rd, Gheekanta, Bhadra
  • Daily, dawn to dusk (closed during prayers)
Carefully crafted and intricately assembled, all the arched jalis are unique and exceptional. An absolute must-see jewel of the city.

Symbol of the city

This small mosque is the most famous in town. In the arched stone windows you find an incredible piece of intricate latticework, so amazing that it has become the showpiece of Gujarat’s architectural grandeur and the city’s unofficial symbol. The jaali screen depicts an interwoven ‘tree of life’; a combination of a banyan and a palm tree, with lofty branches and delicate filigree like leaves.

Royal household

The small mosque was built in 1573 by a general in Suktan Shah’s army who hailed from Yemen. Legend has it he had 45 craftsmen on duty to make the stone screens. Originally the mosque was part of the royal enclave, but as the city grew, some of the palace buildings got demolished and now the mosque is a lone traffic island surrounded by busy roads...

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