iSurprise The House of MG

Exquisite rooms in a revamped historic royal mansion

The House of MG embodies a certain divinity, a legacy of prosperity. It has something special, cascading history, home to a joint family, the experience of culture, a luminosity of change, and the omnipresent brothers Girdhardas.
— Abhay Mangaldas

Esteemed guests

The beautiful mansion right across the famous Sidi Saiyed Mosque, was once the home of two brothers: Mangaldas Girdhardas (MG) and his younger brother, Chamanlal Girdhardas (CG). They were amongst Ahmedabad’s most successful businessmen and philanthropists of the early 20th century. Their house was like a modern-day palace and home to many famous guests. Mahatma Gandhi stayed here as a guest of the Mangaldas when he first returned from South Africa.

Restoring a Legacy

In 1950, downtown Ahmedabad was a different place. The family left the house and moved to the wealthy suburbs. It didn’t take long for the once grand palace to become a crumbling edifice. In 1994 the MG’s rediscovered their prized possession and embarked on a restoration project that would take more than a decade to complete. Today the House of MG is an iconic landmark in the old city of Ahmedabad where the flowers bloom, the fountains trickle and the rooms are filled with a flurry of guests.

Handmade with love

In honouring and fostering the rich legacy of their forefathers and their hometown, the family has carefully curated a collection of textiles and handicrafts, a private museum known as the Ahmedabad Trunk. There are also three shops on the premises, one for handcrafted gifts and souvenirs, one for vintage textiles and another for handpicked items.

A taste of Gujarat - in all extravagance!

Your chance to enjoy Gujarati hospitality! This is the place for a Gujarati thali-a communal feast with lots of small dishes based on recipes handed down over generations. Or for a quick bite, try the cafe on the ground floor, which serves home-style Gujarati snacks and bites. Be sure to try the mint lemonade, freshly churned buttermilk and the day’s special snacks.

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