iShop HUB Make Lab

Locally produced artisanal products

Just restoring old buildings would just create museum pieces for people to look at and appreciate. What we try to do here is find new uses for old structures and organise activities to engage people so they all become stakeholders in the revitalisation process.
— Arts Serrano, Architect

Curated flea market

What was once the famous Bergman Department store, is now once again an exciting retail destination. The massive vacant ground floor space of the First United Building has been cleverly redesigned and is now home to a pop-up flea market with locally produced artisanal products: HUB: Make Lab curated by 98B COLLABoratory. What started in 2016 as a Saturday market, is now a permanent fixture with local creatives selling their products and food stalls, exhibitions, talks, coffee tastings, art installations, tours… All inspired spirits can try out their ideas for three months, if it is successful they can stay.

Our favourites

GEN. MDSE., a Manila-made lifestyle store where owners Derek, Bianca, and Jose sell toasted granola, boxed plant-growing packs and sleek jackets and bags by home-grown fashion brand Slaves of Liberty. We also like the Heritage Collective with photographs, postcards, books and trinkets from a grand old past and Kariton notebooks made of recycled carton boxes, gift wrappers, paper bags and other paper things.

Escolta Block Party

Every four months it’s time to party! The Escolta Block party attracts a huge crowd of creatives, heritage conservationists, musicians and people simply looking for a good party. Film screenings, tours, talks and popular DJ’s all blend effortlessly for a street party like no other.

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