iSurprise Pinpin Street

Hardware, woodwork and furniture in one street

Crafts from a hard past

Tomas Pinpin Street in Binondo is known for its hardware and furniture stores. People come from all over Manila for good quality items sold cheaply. It’s because, during the Spanish era, the Chinese weren’t allowed to do business. They were considered second-class citizens because they weren’t originally from the Philippines, they were merely migrants. In need of a sustainable livelihood, they’ve mastered the art of carpentry and crafting to help them survive. Here you find 'expert' carpentry and crafting. Woodworks are the most common, although in recent years a lot of modern furniture stores have popped up.

What’s in the name?

It was called Shan Jacinto before but was renamed to Tomas Pinpin Street in 1913. Thomas was the first Filipino printer, who printed the first Filipino book which he wrote himself.

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