iSee Regina Building

Historic marvel from Old Manila

Timeless Regina

Pre-war Escolta was a booming business district full of grand office buildings. The Regina Building, located across the Perez-Samanillo Building in Escolta, is one of the few that is still standing today. Designed in Beaux Arts style, by architects Fernando H. Ocampo and Andres Luna de San Pedro. In 1934 it was renovated and renamed the Regina Building. When the matriarch of the de Ayala-Roxas family - the owners of the Roxas building - died in 1930, it was sold to the de Leon family. The 1945 war brought destruction to the Escolta area and the Regina Building was affected. Luckily, it sustained only minor damages and was immediately repaired.

What’s in a name?

Why is it called the “Regina Building”? It’s because it is named after the owner’s wife, Regina Joven Gutierrez Hizon de Leon.

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