iSurprise Salvation Army

Classic church amidst a row of fin-de-siècle timber houses

Salvation Army Church

The Salvation Army at the corner of Anawrahta Road has been in Myanmar for almost a century. From these headquarters they run over 50 corps (churches) throughout the country providing services like children homes, community education programmes and micro-credit schemes for women.

Heart to God, hand to man.
— the Salvation Army

Garden City of the East

Walking along Anawrahta Road you’ll see some traditional fin-de-siècle timber houses. Throughout the colonial period, timber was the dominant building material and the grand boulevards around The Secretariat were lined with elegant wooden Edwardian mansions, earning Rangoon the nickname ‘garden city of the East’.Today, only a handful have withstood the test of time.

Nice to know

Stop to feed the pigeons some corn; it’s said to bring good luck.

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