Girl power at the Young Women’s Christian Association

  • 115/133 Bogalay Zay Street, Lower Middle Block
  • Mon-Fri 7am – 8pm


Halfway down the street is the Young Women’s Christian Association. Well over a century old, it is still today one of Myanmar’s leading welfare organisations. In Yangon YWCA is perhaps best known for its popular training courses for women to progress in the workplace such as computer, sewing, flower arrangement and business administration.

This is for the empowerment of the women who have a lack of access to the market. The main focus is to increase their income. That empowers them.
— Say Klo, YWCA

Lobby shop

Check out the lobby and you’ll find a small shop that sells lovely handmade items – baskets, candles and cushions - by women only. We love the natural honey!

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