iSee Butterworth Train Station

A bustling transport hub and point zero for the Malaysian Railways

Heritage station

The charming old train station dated back to the early 1900s. In 2011 it was replaced by a new modern commuter station which is at the core of the Penang Sentral development project and directly connects to the ferry terminal. Plans are in the making for a cross-channel cable car and water-taxi service to George Town.

Take the train!

Catch a train north all the way to Bangkok or south to Kuala Lumpur. The four-hour KTM ETS high-speed train journey to KL Sentral is fast, comfortable and surprisingly affordable (about RM 70) a great way to travel and soak up some of the Malaysian countryside. Purchase tickets online or at the station.

Point zero

Butterworth Station is Malaysia’s milestone zero, the ‘start’ of the railway tracks to both north and south.

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