iSurprise Floating Mosque

A unique floating mosque purpose-built for port workers

Floating surau

Built for the many Muslim port workers, Butterworth has a unique ‘floating’ surau. It is a lovely scenic spot for worshipping by the waterside, set against the backdrop of the distant skyline of George Town. Just beware to dress respectfully (long sleeves and long pants) before entering the mosque.

Heart of the Strait

For centuries the Strait of Malacca was a key shipping gateway between Asia and Europe. Strategically situated right in the middle of the strait, the port of Penang has always been, and still is, a busy trading point. The port handles no less than 30 million tonnes of cargo annually.

Musical chairs

In 1786, when the East India Company built the port of Penang, they built it in George Town. It was only when in 1969 Penang Island’s free port policy ended that the cargo and container facilities were moved to Butterworth.

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