iSee St. Mark’s Church

The first Anglican Church of Seberang Perai

One of the first

This freshly painted white church was the first Anglican Church in the province Wellesley when it was consecrated in January 1885. Originally it was a small wooden building next to the police station in Jl. Bagar Luar, later in 1929, it moved to its present site in a new brick building.

Labour of love

The highlight of the church is its impressive stained-glass window featuring St Mark in the centre. It was imported from England in 1962 and recently restored to its former glory with a Think City grant. The altar, pulpit, lectern and choir pews are more than 80 years old and still in use today.

Nice to know

Come April 25, the day when the church community celebrates St. Mark’s Feast, with a big parade and lots of festivities. Palm Sunday is also a big day with a religious procession on foot. Masses are held on Sundays at 8.30am (English) and 11.30am (Tamil).

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