iSee Taman Pantai

A small park where the shoreline used to be

Beach Road

Just north of Rope Walk is the narrow Jl. Pantai. It means ‘Beach Road’ in Malay and this was the shoreline before the reclamation works for the Butterworth Outer Ring Road. You can no longer see the sea from here, but the park is still a popular spot for locals to gather and chit-chat and reminisce of old times. A revitalisation plan is underway.

Note: Taman Pantai is currently being upgraded.

Rojak Tonggek

Try this popular snack. Rojak is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish, served with a hot and spicy dressing made from ground chili pepper, palm sugar, shrimp paste and peanuts. Pick the fruits you like, dip them into the sauce bowls and enjoy! It’s about RM 0.6 per stick. The stall is right in front of Klinik Kesihatan, opens daily from 12-7pm except Fridays.


The elderly who frequent the park often hold their hands to the bark of the huge Tanjung tree (mimusops elengi) in order to channel good ‘qi’ for healthy living.

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