iEat 19th Street

Popular street side beer and BBQ feast

Heart of Yangon’s nightlife

When the sun sets, 19th Street comes alive! The pavement turns into one big street market with food stalls, tables and red plastic chairs competing for space and catering to an ever-increasing stream of hungry diners. The cars retreat, neon light bulbs shine and the place becomes a delightful mix of people and a hot pot of choice cuisine.

Beer & BBQ

Most places don’t even offer a menu, but instead, have stands stacked with skewers of all types of food. Tofu, mutton, pork and chicken sit next to rows of mushrooms, garlic, quail eggs, peppers and kale. If you’re with a group it’s a perfect place to share a plate or two for a build-your-own set dinner, for what can be a very limited amount of money. Most skewers come in three- to five-bite portions and start around 150 kyats for vegetables and 300 kyats for meats and there is plenty of beer to wash it down…

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