iEat Bao Zi King

Popular Chinese style breakfast

Chinese community king

Bao Zi King is no ordinary tea house, this is where local Chinese gathers every morning, no matter wind or rain. “This shop has been running for 20 years. Some of our loyal customers even set up a Chinese Elderly Club Baihua Zhanglao hui 百花長老會. They have over 60 members” says Mr Ma, the owner of Bao Zi King, who hails from Yunnan. He came to Yangon 30 years ago and his Yunnan style steamed pork buns proved a hit as a quick and affordable breakfast.

Bun business

“I came to Yangon from Shan State in 1996” says Mr Ma, ”I first worked for a Taiwanese company, later I noticed a very popular bun shop in Yangon and thought I’d give my Yunnan buns a try. Buns are easy to eat, you can have it cold or hot.”


Locals keep coming back for a cup of milk tea and a pancake or bun before going to work. Try the Yunnan lard-layered buns 破酥包子 and Yunnan rice noodles bao bao si 包包絲.

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