iEat Rabbit Bakery

Humble bakery with legendary Chinese pastries

The pastry recipes reveal part of our family history.
— Aung Kyaw Moe

Humble legendary bakery

In a nondescript stall on the corner of 19th Street hangs a humble sign written in Chinese and Burmese with the symbol of a rabbit. Don’t let the rickety signboard fool you, this is one of the most famous bakeries of the country, supplying pastries to supermarkets and other bakeries all around Myanmar.

Ten workers form a production line are the diameter of the shop. One worker rolls the dough, another inserts a ball of peanut butter in the centre and the last one brushes the dough with egg yolk.

Year of the rabbit

Aung Kyaw Moe’s great great grandfather started Rabbit Bakery in 1940s after he fled from Huian (in Fuijian province) to Yangon during the Japanese invasion. “Our shop was on 19th street from the very beginning,” says Aung. It was renamed “Rabbit Bakery” later by his great grandmother, she was born in the year of Rabbit (1939).

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