iSurprise Rangoon Hospital

Grand red brick Victorian style sanatorium

Rangoon’s pride

Yangon’s General Hospital was built by the same architect as the Secretariat, Henry Hoyne-Fox, although sadly he would not live to see its completion. Construction started in 1904 to replace a teak building that until then had served as a clinic. It took five years to build and was cutting edge in those days, featuring operating theatres with electricity and reinforced concrete floors, a first for Rangoon.

Revamping the old hospital

As modern as it was back in the days, today the century-old hospital is rather outdated. A high-profile fundraising campaign in 2016 to ‘reinvigorate the Rangoon Hospital’ supported Aung San Suu Kyi herself, and secured the funds needed to renovate and upgrade the overcrowded 1,500-bed facility.

Churches of Chinatown

It’s not just temples in Chinatown, on this corner of Anawrahta Road are two churches serving the Latha community, a Baptist and a Methodist Church. Both have schools that are popular among the local Chinese.

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