iDrink Cricket Club Café

Unique cricket themed café filled with memorabilia

For the love of the sport

The café is part restaurant and part museum of cricketing memorabilia. Bats, balls, original team uniforms and other gear dating back to the 1940s can be found displayed here, with more than a few of these items signed by some of the biggest names in the game – including, yes, Sir Don Bradman himself.

This cricket-themed café opened in 1996 - incidentally, the year that saw Sri Lanka lift the Cricket World Cup for the first and so far only time.
— James and Gabrielle Whight from Melbourne, Australia

A new pitch

The restaurant and bar areas offer maximum visibility to TV screens that, needless to say, are only ever tuned into cricket channels, and when you get bored of the live or recorded cricket, you can look around the various glass cabinets housing the abundance of cricketing gear. A true home for the many cricket enthusiasts in the country and best place to watch if there is a big game. Even if you’re not all that into sports, it’s still a good value-for-money dining spot. Try the bestselling Dickie Bird chicken burger.

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