iSurprise Prana Lounge

A spiritual sanctuary in the middle of the city

Find your inner peace

This is no ordinary yoga studio but a spiritual sanctuary in the middle of the city. Prana offers yoga and meditation classes, health related therapies, events, seminars & workshops and Cafe Kumbuk, a health food café. The passionate bunch who run this place keep op expanding the wellbeing menu with an Ayurveda spa, physiotherapy, acupuncture and psychology. Basically, everything you may need to heal and discover more of yourself is right here.

We are tapping into the boom of the wellness tourism where people look for an experiential journey. This a city retreat, a peaceful space for self-discovery.
— Anya - Prana Lounge owner

House with a story

This stunning heritage house is called Elsemere and used to belong to Sir Henry De Mel, prominent local businessman and philanthropist and first Ceylonese to be awarded CBE. Henry was the cousin of the famous Sri Lankan painter Harry Peiris and his wife Eileen became Harry’s favourite muse. Harry’s old house is now a lovely museum - the Sapumal Foundation - where you can find many of Eileen’s portraits, a beautiful woman! Nice to know, the room with the wonderfully decorated panelled ceiling used to be Sir Henry’s library.

Hope and wellbeing

Throughout the last 100 years the property housed a rich history of community support and healing. In 1971, Joan, the daughter in law of Henry De Mel opened Sumithrayo in the front annex of Elsemere. Literally meaning “a loving friend” in the local Sinhala language, Sumithrayo is a place of connection and hope for anyone experiencing despair and until today remains Colombo’s leading charity for mental health support.

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