iShop Saskia Fernando Gallery

Sri Lanka’s leading contemporary art gallery

Home of contemporary art

Saskia Fernando hijacked the Sri Lankan contemporary art scene to a new level. The tallwhitewashed walls provide a perfect backdrop for her extensive collection of over 300 worksand the gallery is constantly abuzz with myriad exhibitions including sculpture, paintings,mixed-media work and even fashion design. The ever passionate and knowledgeable Saskiahas brought some of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated artists to fame and she’s always happy to talkart and introduce some new talents to you.

Collecting art is personal and when you decide to buy a piece it should be one that you connect with that is also a good investment.
— Saskia Fernando

Emerging artists

Artists include the leading established as well as up-and-coming artists. We like Firi Rahman, who creates artistic wonders in pen ink, Mika Tennekoon, a multitalented deeply spiritual creator and photographer/writer Halik Azeez with a critical look at contemporary issues.

Sri Lanka design & fashion

Downstairs from the gallery is PR, a fashion concept store with items by local and Indian designers handpicked by owner, curator and designer Annika Fernando, Saskia’s elder sister. Both sisters have inherited their creative talents from their parents, who built Paradise Road from a small retail store into a design empire and power brand

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