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Upcycling surplus bread and coffee grounds

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  • Bottle of Bread is available at 100+ restaurants and shops around Hong Kong
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Bread in a bottle

The launch of BOB (Bottle of Bread) is a significant milestone in Maxim’s sustainability journey. Surplus bread, bread crusts and coffee grounds are collected from Maxim’s facilities by Breer, an upcycling start-up that uses bread instead of barley for this locally crafted beer which won accolades at the Asia Beer Challenge, World Beer Awards and Hong Kong International Beer Awards.

Maxim’s support ensures a stable supply of surplus bread, provides valuable research and development, and also gives us a head start in operations. We benefit from their experience in marketing and distribution.
— Anushka Purohit, CEO Breer

Drink for good

BOB comes in two flavours – Original BOB (Pale Ale) and Coffee BOB (Stout). Each Original BOB contains 25 grams of bread that would otherwise have gone to waste. Coffee BOB contains 15g of bread, along with 4g of coffee grounds. To date 20,000L of BOB is brewed salvaging 1.9 tonnes of bread and 90kg of coffee grounds*, serving in over 100 restaurants within Maxim’s Group and an online store. (*as of July 2023)

To further boost the sustainability journey and reduce the beer’s carbon footprint Maxim’s Group has partnered up with social enterprise EcoMatcher that plants a tree for every six bottles of BOB sold.

BOB not only gives food waste a second life, but also achieves waste and carbon reduction and supports local start-ups.

Both Maxim’s and Breer have benefited from our discussions on the circular economy. In addition to achieving waste reduction and giving food a second life, Maxim’s Group is pleased to support a local start-up gaining operational experience.
— Mr Rogers Yuen, General Manager of Sustainability of Maxim’s Group

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